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Performing Arts

Head of Department
Ms Tiffany Allen




The Performing Arts at Deception Bay High is one of the busiest faculties in the school. It consists of the three subject areas Drama, Dance and Music. 

Other crucial parts of our faculty and school are our Instrumental Music Program, our Dance Troupes and Marching Drums. 


The Arts faculty is supported by outstanding teachers and facilities. Our dancers access two spaces, a room with a sprung floor and the MADD Studio a large purpose built dance studio. The music block consists of classrooms and practice rooms and students are able to use the  recording equipment to compose their own works using the variety of instruments at their disposal. Our own Performing Arts block which has undergone a major refurbishment in sound and lighting equipment in 2013, is  where students are engaged in presenting all aspects of performance. 


Students undertaking our Certificate I and II in Creative Industries support these productions, honing their skills in sound, lighting and backstage as part of their course work. Our musicians have the opportunity to study Certificate II and III in Music while the senior dance students can complete a Certificate III in Dance.




Junior Secondary

Year 8 Dance, Drama, Music
Year 8 Music Extension (This is an accelerated course of study for students with a musical background. They complete music extension over a full year)
Year 9 Dance, Drama, Music

Senior Secondary

Year 10 Drama
Year 10 Dance
Year 10 Music
Year 11 Dance, Drama, Music
Year 12 Dance, Drama, Music
Year 12 Extension Music (The course is studied for the two semesters of Year 12, concurrently with the parent syllabus. Music Extension is designed for students interested in exploring in greater depth one of the three areas of study that lie behind the general objectives of the Senior Music syllabus.)

Vocational Education

Certificate I in Creative Industries (completed over three semesters in year 10 and 11)
Certificate II in Live Production and Services (completed over three semesters in year 11 and 12)
Certificate II in Music (completed in year 10)
Certificate III in Music (completed by Instrumental music students during year 10,11 and 12)
Certificate III Dance ( completed during year 10,11 and 12)



Subject Overviews




This is a highly practical subject in which students explore the Elements of Dance. They study a range of dance styles and the three organisers of dance; Performance, Choreography and Appreciation.  Students work individually and in groups, learn teacher-devised dance pieces and construct their own dance pieces. The assessment for these Middle Phase units comprises both practical and written assessment. Units of study include: ‘Everybody dance Now’, ‘Step Back in Time’, ‘Dance Around the World’, ‘Dance, Camera Action’, ‘Love and Conflict’, ‘Dance on Stage’ and ‘Extend Yourself.’


Students who participate in Middle Phase Drama work both individually and in groups. The Middle Phase of Drama comprises of Drama 1, 2 and 3 and cover three objectives. These objectives are Forming (making Drama), Presenting (performing Drama) and Responding (reflecting on Drama). In the Forming Objective students may write play scripts and create improvisations. In the Presenting Objective, students perform excerpts from published play scripts or their own work. In the Responding Objective, student responds to their own and other’s work. Drama encourages originality and creativity and fosters effective group work. Drama enhances a student’s self-image and encourages problem solving. Drama units include:
Drama 1 – Building & Believing.
Drama 2 – Imaging & Improvising, A Social Journey - Collage Drama, Mask, Mime & Movement & Playing with Plays.
Drama 3 – Play performance, Play, Stage & Screen.


Students who participate in Middle Phase Music create music in group and solo situations and have access to keyboards, percussion and guitars during class time as well as being given the opportunity to perform on their own wind, brass or percussion instrument or vocally. Students will use specifically designed software on the school computers to write and record music. Middle Phase Music consists of Music 1, 2 and 3 and comprises 3 areas of study. These are Analysis – listening to and reading music and analysing the techniques used by the composer - Performing – playing on instruments – and Composing – writing music. Within each Unit, students will be expected to perform on the instrument of their choice, complete a written piece of assessment and compose a piece of music.

Music Extension

The Music Department at Deception Bay SHS formed a new course for year eight students in 2008 called Music Extension. Music Extension is a select class of young skilled musicians working as a team to perform and create music in ensemble and solo situations. Entry into the course is determined by information provided by parents and guardians at enrolment and from information provided by the Instrumental Music teachers. The course runs for two semesters in year eight.
The Music Extension course has a strong emphasis on performance with opportunity for the students to play for a real audience such as members of the community and at school concerts. Students are also able to use specialist recording equipment and computerised music notation programs.
This class will provides students with a serious learning environment where they will be challenged and extended. Students will be given every opportunity to join the ensembles which form part of the school’s Music Department.