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Head of Department
Mr Dominic Pearce


The newly implemented Japanese program at deception Bay SHS is a very exciting addition to the school’s curriculum. The advantages of studying a second language are endless. Students are encouraged to practice higher order thinking skills, become more culturally aware and to reflect on their own learning. These are transferable skills to assist in other subject areas.

Japanese is available to a selected group of students to study for the whole year in Year 8. Another class of students will be given the opportunity to study Japanese in Year 8 for 1 semester and members of this class will also have the option to choose Japanese as an elective in Semester 2 year 8.

In Year 8 students will be exploring the language and cultural of Japan:

  • Greetings and self introductions
  • Families and friends
  • Linguistic scripts – Japanese alphabet 1
  • Writing in Japanese using phonetic alphabet with a basic introduction to the pictorial characters
  • Comparing and contrasting aspects of Japanese culture with Australian culture and that of other countries
  • Meeting and greeting – formal verse informal styles
  • Descriptive language and expansion of vocabulary

Assessment will involve written, oral (spoken) and listening activities
Students will also be given the opportunity to put their new language skills and cultural awareness into practice at a local Japanese restaurant.

In year 9 students will continue to expand their knowledge of the language and culture of Japan:

  • Further development of vocabulary
  • Expansion of focus on various Japanese alphabets (alphabet 2)
  • Investigating Japanese history and the links it has with Australia
  • Developing more complicated sentence structure and communication skills

Assessment will involve written, oral (spoken) and listening activities
Where possible guest speakers and workshop presenters will be accessed to enable students to refine their language skills and deepen their cultural awareness

Junior Secondary

Year 8 Japanese
Year 9 Japanese (elective)


Senior Secondary

Year 10 Japanese
Year 11 Japanese
Year 12 Japanese



Japanese Club