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School absenteeism and truancy can impact significantly on students' learning and wellbeing.

Research shows that in Queensland, higher student attendance is associated, on average, with higher student achievement. Additionally, attending school every day helps children to build social and emotional skills such as communication, teamwork and resilience.

Under the law, you must make sure your child is enrolled and attends school on all school days unless there is a reasonable excuse. Schools must monitor attendance of students and follow up with parents and caregivers any unexplained absences. 


School Hours

School hours are from 8.25 am to 2.30 pm. Students are encouraged to be at school by at least 8.15 am to allow them to prepare for the school day. It is important to note that students should not be on school premises before 8.00am and after 4.00pm unless attending an organized school or community function. 


A written note or phone notification is required for - absences, late arrivals, early departures, or to be excused from a normal part of school routine.

If a student is absent without reason a ‘text message’ is sent to inform the parent/carer of absence, the parent/carer should then contact the school providing the reason for absence. 

Late arrivals to school

Students are expected to be on time to school. Students late to school must report to the student counter in the office with a note and collect a late slip to be admitted to class.

If no note is provided the student will be placed on lunchtime detention, a ‘text message’ will be sent to inform the parent/carer of the detention. Failure to attend the lunchtime detention without a valid reason being given, will initiate an after school detention. Failure to attend this second detention without a valid reason being given will result in a 2 day suspension. 

Late arrivals to class

If for any reason a student is late from one class to another the student must have a late note from the teacher who delayed them. If a student is late to class from an appointment at the office or with a student support person they will have a slip from the office.

If a student has no valid reason the time lost it is to be made up with the classroom teacher. 

Leaving Early

In exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, students are given permission to leave early. To leave early a student must provide a note before the start of the school day detailing the reason for the need to leave early. Medical or dental appointments are two acceptable reasons. An Early Leavers Pass is issued and must be presented when requested by staff. Students must sign out through the office before they leave. 

Sick students

Sick students report to the office where an assessment of their condition is made and a call is placed to the parent/carer.​ 


For information regarding student exemptions, please see this document: Information_Exemptions.docx
Recharge Program
A new program for 2018
2018 will see a change in timetabling to allow DBSHS to introduce a Friday afternoon program called Recharge. To enable DBSHS to run the “Recharge “ program school will finish at 1pm on Friday unless students are required or choose to stay at school until 2.30pm to engage in extra support programs.
Aim of Recharge
The aim of the program is to allow students who require extra support with their studies to remain behind and work with key staff while allowing teachers to meet together to engage in professional learning time. This time for teachers will ensure Deception Bay SHS can continue to build on its strong academic culture ensuring all learners thrive.
Who will attend Recharge?
Students who have been identified as at risk of failing in a subject, students who have missed key concepts due to absence or students who have not met assessment deadlines will be supervised as part of Recharge in a compulsory capacity while students who wish to complete private study, participate in tutorials or are unable to get home before 2.30pm will form the voluntary Recharge group.
This time will also be utilized by Support staff to run key programs catering to the social and emotional needs of students. As always attendance is a priority at DBSHS. Parents are encouraged to make outside appointments for students during Friday afternoons where ever possible to avoid taking students away from learning during the week.
School Buses
Kangaroo Bus Lines has changed the school bus timetable to accommodate the early finish on Friday. The school bus will leave from the front of the school at 1.10pm each Friday. Parents are encouraged to check the Kangaroo Bus Lines Website after 2nd of January to view all school bus routes and timetables.