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Our primary belief at Deception Bay State High School is that students are here to learn, teachers to teach and that everybody has the right to feel safe. Harassment and bullying manifests in a variety of forms:
Physical: hitting, grabbing, pushing, throwing things at people, touching someone without their permission Verbal: name calling, abuse, threats, teasing, unwanted comments, spreading rumours (direct or indirect ie. texting, internet abuse etc)
Non-Verbal: hand gestures, facial expression, body language
Harassment and bullying is an issue in schools and there is much you can do to help stop this problem. If you experience harassment yourself or see it inflicted on others, report it to someone. If you report it and don’t retaliate then you will not be in trouble. If you do retaliate this makes it harder to determine the course of action the school can follow.

Harassment Action Flowchart

If you are being harassed in class or in the school grounds tell a teacher immediately.
  1. If this is high level harassment and you are in danger or have been physically injured you will be taken to a safe place and the offender brought to the office where a member of the Administration team will investigate the situation
  2. If it is low to medium levels of harassment then ask your teacher or go to the office and collect a harassment form. Fill this out (you may ask people to help you do this if necessary) and hand to your teacher or to the office staff. Either a Deputy Principal or our Behaviour Support teacher will then investigate the issue by speaking to both/all parties concerned. Often times both parties are asked to mediate to see if a solution can be found so that the harassment stops. In many cases a plan will be drawn up and parties agree to abide by that plan.
  3. After the investigation a warning will be issued to the offender and this is entered into the behaviour management data base and a copy placed in the student’s file
  4. If the harassment continues and this is verified, the offenders parents are informed and the student will be given an after school detention.
  5. If the harassment still continues this could result in the following:
  • Further mediations and possible involvement of the Guidance Officer
  • Changes made to the learning environment (change of timetabled classes)
  • Removal from a specific class or from the school grounds during lunch breaks
  • Suspension from school
  • If the harassment involves large groups a Community/Class conference could occur

How to avoid being involved in harassment

  • Students tease one another to get a reaction – don’t give them one
  • Don’t respond to gossip or rumours
  • Don’t spread gossip or rumours or be annoying to other students
  • Words can’t hurt unless you let them
  • Stay cool and calm in situations – ask for time out if needed
  • Stand up for yourself assertively but not aggressively
  • Don’t respond with violence
  • Hang around with a group if you are concerned someone is out to pick on you
  • Tell someone if bullying occurs – bullying thrives if it is kept a secret
  • Fill out the harassment forms – you do not have to put up with harassment


Stymie allows bystanders to send anonymous notifications to Your School, about someone who they believe is being bullied or harmed.
The notification interface allows bystanders to upload evidence like screen shots of FB discussions, Snapchats, text messages or instant message conversations and an outline of the incident(s).
Your School receives the Stymie Notifications in the form of an email alert. You may choose which members of staff receive these emails.
The notifications are encrypted, anonymous and confidential. Stymie does not store any information; we are merely the road upon which it travels.
Stymie complements Your School’s existing student well-being/pastoral care framework.
Stymie was built in consideration of the Australian Safe Schools Framework and the recommendations from the Australian Covert Bullying Prevalence Study.
Click here to: Make a notification