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Homework is an essential part of all students achieving to their potential at Deception Bay State High School and new homework guidelines for Queensland state schools will help our students establish a balanced lifestyle that allows time for study and activities with family and friends.

The homework guidelines for the different age groups are:
  • in Years 8 and 9 homework could be up to five hours each week
  • in Years 10, 11 and 12 homework will vary according to the student’s learning needs and individual program of learning.

To find a suitable balance some students will need help in managing the time spent completing homework, relaxing, playing sport, socialising with friends and doing part time work. Others will need encouragement to lift the amount of homework to adequate levels.
We encourage students to undertake four types of homework:
  • revision tasks set by the classroom teacher
  • assignments and long term work
  • self set study and review of lesson material, and
  • practical work whereby students practice physical skills learnt in particular classes. Following most lessons of their various subjects students will need to complete homework in one or more of the categories listed above. Individual teachers need to be aware that students have four lessons each day and set the amount of homework in line with Education Queensland’s homework guidelines. 

By completing their homework students ensure that they have:
  • consolidated their learning through independent practice
  • managed the completion of major tasks such as assignments over a period of time
  • developed necessary study habits and time management skills

Homework in the form of assignments and assessment tasks will be formally marked by teachers and detailed feedback given to students. Homework set as revision of work done in class will be checked by teachers to ensure that students have learnt the necessary knowledge and skills. This will be done by teachers on a regular basis.

It is the responsibility of students to complete their homework but if homework is not submitted or completed the action taken should be in line with the teacher’s class management strategies. If homework is not completed or submitted on a regular basis, teachers are asked to inform the relevant member of administration before making contact with the student/s parents.

At the discretion of the administration a teacher detention may be given so that students satisfactorily complete their work.

Parents/caregivers can assist their children in completing their homework in the following ways:
  • setting aside a suitable time and place for homework
  • checking with children that homework tasks are completed against their homework diaries
  • encouraging their children to do their homework