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Information and Communication Technologies Agreement

Students understand that the Internet can connect to useful information stored on computers around the world.

Whilst a student has access to the Internet they will:
  • use it only for educational purposes
  • not look for anything that is illegal, dangerous or offensive
  • not reveal home addresses or phone numbers - mine or anyone else’s
  • not use the Internet to annoy or offend anyone else
  • not up load information to the Internet.

If a student accidentally come across something that is illegal, dangerous or offensive, they will:
  • clear any offensive pictures or information from their screen; and
  • immediately, quietly, inform their teacher.

Student Home Drive       
  • Students are aware that Teachers have access to look at their home drive.
  • They are aware that it is their responsibility to back up their files.
  • They are aware that they should not save games, music or movie files into their home drive.
  • Students understand that if the school decides they have broken these rules, appropriate action will be taken.
  • This may include loss of my Internet access for some time.