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Mobile Phones and electronic devices

The school recognizes that mobile phones are necessary for communication and organisation and that parents wish students to have mobile phones, especially as a means of security and safety.

Mobile phones can, however, be a disruption to a school’s learning environment for they can adversely affect classroom operations, be used in schools in a way that is prejudicial to the good order and management of the school, be disruptive to learning and be an invasion of privacy for other students and teachers.

The school policy for mobile phone use on school grounds is that students are allowed to bring mobile phones to school or to school events and that:
  1. Mobile phones are to be turned off during instruction time. They are not to be used, seen or heard in class or during the instructional periods of the school day either inside or outside the classroom
  2. If parents/caregivers need to contact their child during school time this can be done by contacting the school office.
  3. Unauthorised use at school of audio and video recording devices, and cameras including such devices on mobile phones is not allowed
  4. Students who use mobile phones in an inappropriate manner as outlined in 1 or 3 above will be asked to hand their phone into the school office from where it can be claimed by the owner after 2.30pm
  5. Refusal to follow 4 will be considered refusal to follow teacher instructions and consequences as outlined in the school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students will be applied
  6. Security of mobile phones is the responsibility of the owner
  7. Other electronic devices such as IPods, portable speakers and MP3 players must also be used appropriately at school. They too are to be switched off and out of sight during class time. Headphones are not to be in ears or left dangling from shirt fronts/collars. These items are not to be leant to other students. Any music that is played on such devices at school must be appropriate for a school site and should not contain explicit swear words. Students must take personal responsibility for the care of these items. Students who use these electronic devices in an inappropriate manner will be asked to hand them into the school office from where they can be claimed by the owner after 2.30pm