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Deception Bay State High School is a uniform school. We have the support of our Parents and Citizens’ Association to promote adherence to the uniform.

Our student dress code consists of an agreed standard and items of clothing, which includes a school uniform that Deception Bay State High School students wear when:
  • attending or representing their school
  • travelling to and from school
  • engaging in school activities out of school hours
  • participating in sporting activities

Deception Bay State High School Parents and Citizens’ Association supports a student dress code policy because it believes that a student dress code provides clothing that aims to contribute to a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment through:
  • identifying students and non-students at school
  • fostering a sense of belonging
  • developing mutual respect among students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences
  • promoting an effective teaching and learning environment by eliminating the distraction of
  • competition in dress and fashion at the school
  • ensuring adherence to our Sun Safe Policy
Deception Bay State High School students’ dress code reflects school community standards and is consistent with occupational health and safety and anti- discrimination legislation.

We actively encourage our students to take pride in themselves and their school. One way in which this may be achieved is through adherence to the school’s dress standards. As the parent/carer and provider of your child, we seek your support in this matter.

On ‘Casual Dress’ days, organised by the student council, students must always wear appropriate dress for a school day.Inappropriate dress refers to clothing or apparel worn by students that is deemed to be:
  • Offensive
  • Likely to disrupt, or negatively influence normal school operations
  • Unsafe for student or others
  • Likely to result in a risk to health and safety of student or others
The school colours are maroon and white. Students are expected to be clean and well groomed. School dress is to be neatly and tidily worn.

The formal uniform must be worn on Monday and is compulsory for Excursions, Formal Assemblies and Formal Occasions at the school. eg. Awards Night, Senior Investiture and Graduation. The general uniform can be worn on all other days and for sport.

Students are also expected to carry their ID with them at all times and produce it when requested. The student ID is given to students on enrolment. Replacement IDs are available from the office.






White Blouse with School Emblem


Maroon Skirt

Black Dress Pants (no jeans)

Black Shoes

White Socks


Polo Shirt


Sneakers/Running Shoes





White Shirt with School Emblem


Black Dress Shorts or Black Long Pants (No Jeans)

Black Shoes

White Socks


Polo Shirt


Sneakers/Running Shoes


Black bucket hat


School Jumper/Jacket or plain dark maroon jumper may be worn with both uniforms





Lace up black sneakers/running shoes may be worn with both uniforms



Jewellery and

hair style/ colour


Due to Work Place Health and Safety issues, jewellery is to be limited to:

• One watch.

• One discreet necklace of religious or personal significance

• Small sleepers or studs as earrings. The school requests no more than 2 per ear.

• One small facial piercings must be a stud and if a student does not comply with this guideline they may be asked to cover the piercing or take it out.

• Students will be asked to remove inappropriate jewellery. This jewellery will be held at the office ready for collection at the end of the day.

·      Hair is to be of a neat and tidy style.

·      Hair is to be of a natural colour. Bright colours or rinses are not permitted.

·      The school administration will make the judgement on what constitutes inappropriate jewellery or hair style/ colouring.



Second hand uniforms can be purchased at the school office (subject to availability)


Second hand uniforms may also be sold through the school office on consignment.


Please see the office staff for details

 *  Please contact Admin for additional queries

*  Special garments needed for sports, physical education or dance e.g. leotards or bike pants are not to be worn with the uniform. These should be brought to school and put on only at the appropriate lesson.